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Communications and Media Arts is a full service information technology, media and business development services provider located in Wake Forest, North Carolina bringing more than 35 years of experience to the Information Technology and media industries. Providing complete turnkey services, CMA supplies on-location and post production facilities. We have access to content expertise in several Information Technology fields including large scale computing through embedded devices, software and development tools, workflow, healthcare IT, open development and more...

Production Services

Communications and Media Arts provides on location and post production facilities are staffed with experienced team members that help you look your best. CMA can help you establish your presence on the World Wide Web through content development, including written, photographic, audio and video streaming technologies; projects that include promotional, informational and educational elements.

Content Creation

CMA is staffed by a team with extensive experience developing content for Information Technology vendors. Authors have been extensively published, and have pioneered work in open technology, business development, workflow, software tools and embedded systems. Also available for market development and press representation, CMA services help establish brands and familiarize customers with offerings.

CMA produced web based streaming video educational materials have been viewed by hundreds of thousands students worldwide, and has supported local arts organizations for over 30 years, including a focus on classical music production. Unique abilities include a skilled approach to recording in live acoustic spaces; experience in recording very large through small ensembles, symphonic, choir, opera, organ and solo performance. Post production skills include the ability to seamlessly edit live and studio musical recordings.


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